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Web Browser Applications
Asp.Net on SQL 2000
                                                     Our web browser software modules for property developers are ideal for forward looking companies which wants to enhance accessibility and empower their employees with strong processing powers and mobility from anywhere and at anytime.  

Property management Online        Maintenance Budgeting Online        Financial Accounting Online            
                                                     Save tremendous amounts by subscribing to our ASP modules.  We are a service provider here and you do not buy any software from us.  You only use our software over the internet.  You save tremendous hardware costs, software costs, maintenance costs and as an option your owners or tenants can view and pay for their accounts over the internet.



CSS Property Management Data Center

CSS is glad to introduce the revolutionary property management system service to all developers, JMBs, MCs and managing agents.

By subscribing to CSS Property Management Data Center, the property managers will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Zero software cost. No software installation required.
  • Comprehensive system components including property management credit control, financial accounting, customer service help desk, preventive maintenance and e-community.
  • Monthly subscription fees as low as RM150.
  • Round-the-clock access from anywhere on Internet.
  • Full historical data backup.
  • Unlimited online technical supports to subscriber users.
  • Designed In line with the guidelines of Strata Title Property Act (318) 1985 and Building & Common Property Act (663) 2007.
  • Up and run immediately with minimal training and initial setup costs.

To find out more about the online system service, click the button below to run the  introduction slides.


Our Profile

Established since 1998, we are an independent software vendor (ISV) specialising in property solutions, ERP systems and hospitality solutions.  We offer innovative, effective, cutting-edge and cost effective software solutions to enable our customers to take advantage of technology to enhance their operational efficiency and gain competitive edge over their competitors. 

Our enthusiasm in offering proven and effective business solutions to our customers is evidenced by the comprehensiveness of our business modules and by the continuous enhancement of our business solutions.  Currently one of the very few providers who are able to bring to our customers integrated web browser property solutions modules, we believe in bringing the best out of technology for the benefit of our customers.

Our Strength

We provide a comprehensive and yet user-friendly range of business solutions encompassing  every aspect of the industry and management information needs seamlessly integrated into a centralized system. 

Our Objective  

Continuous research and development on business requirements, innovation and enhancement of our business solutions remain our primal objective in achieving our goals.  


Our Commitment 

Keeping up to date with latest technology, continuous widening of our business solutions using the latest platforms available and responsiveness to our customers feedbacks and comments ensures our customers' satisfaction.





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