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    CSS Smart Office is a revolutionary office software system that powers up each and every aspect of the daily business and office operation for small and medium enterprise. Besides running fully on web based architecture, CSS software applications operate in full integration with email engine, in-built sms blaster and CSS phone apps. CSS is the ultimate platform that takes your business to a greater height!

    Work Process Integration

    With CSS Smart Office installed in your own office server, you are taking your office online internally with full working integration across your departments from management, finance, sales, purchasing, human resource to office admin.

    It also caters full interactions between the management and employees on payroll documents, expenses claim, leave approval, purchase requisition, sales approval, facility booking and task assignment.

    Farewell To Office Boundary

    Gone are the days the limitation of office and time boundary. CSS runs fully on web browsers across computer platforms on Internet within your own office web server. Company directors, managers, accountants, sales personels and technicians now can work from anywhere on-the-go at anytime beyond the office walls and office hours!

    Affordable & Scalable

    At the price similar to traditional Windows software, CSS offers every small and medium company the high-end business tools that were previously only cater to and affordable by large enterprise. Now every office can fly !!

    Stay Connected

    Along with other apps in your smart phone that connect you to social networks, instant messages and entertainments, CSS app connects you at all time to your business and office operation as if you never leave the office!

    Power Up Your Office Now!

    Call CSS consultant to advise on your software requirements. Get CSS components tailored to your business operation and budget today.